Red glycero paint Massey Harris, 830 ml

REF : 411RM-H
Red Massey Harris glycero paint, original color. 830 ml can (1kg)
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Red glycero paint for Massey Harris tractors.  
Original color.
830 ml can (1kg). Glossy finish.  

Especially designed paint for ferrous or steel surfaces. In case of oxidation of the surface to be painted, we advise you to brush the bodywork with the help of a metallic brush (ref. 434005) in order to remove the oxidation traces and then apply a layer of anti-corrosive primer (ref. 411PRIM).  

In order to have an optimal performance or your paint, we advise you to dilute the paint with a X-7 diluent (ref. 413001).
10% of diluent for 1 Liter of paint.  

Application with spray gun, brush, or roller.   

Drying times to respect:
Dust dry: 15 minutes at 20 ° C
Touch dry: 30 minutes at 20 ° C
Recoatable: 12h if application with spray gun
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