Anti-corrosive primer for agricultural machinery, 770 ml

Universal anti-corrosive primer, 770 ml can - compatible with every type of tractor.
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Anti-corrosive beige primer for every tractor brand and models.
770 ml can. Primer type HK-47 especially designed for ferrous or steel surfaces.  

Application with spray gun, brush, or roller.
Touch dry in 20 minutes at 20 ° C.
Recoatable from 12h for application with spray gun and from 24 with brush or roller.   

Why and how to use primer?
We recommend to apply anti-corrosive primer to assure a better adherence for glycero paint, but also to protect your tractors sheet metal against corrosion.
It is very useful if you are renovating a tractor that has oxidized areas.
We advise you to brush the bodywork with the help of a metallic brush (ref. 434005) and to clean the oxidation residues before applying the primer.
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Caractéristiquesprimary corrosion
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